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Black Beauty Zucchini

Black Beauty Zucchini

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The standard summer squash, introduced in the 1920s. Large bush plants grow semi-upright and open, and are loaded with glossy dark green fruits with firm creamy white flesh and fine flavour. Plants are productive very early, and over a long period. Best eaten when under 20cm (8" long). Black Beauty zucchini seeds are the best variety for freezing. Black Beauty zucchini is a 20th Century heirloom that won the All American Selections prize back in 1957. It was first introduced to American market growers in the 1920s, and was commercially available as seed from the 1930s on.

Matures in 60 days. (Open pollinated seeds)

    • Loaded with glossy green/black fruits
    • Best if eaten under 20cm (8") long
    • Best variety for freezing
    • Open-pollinated seeds
    • Matures in 60 days
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