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Goliath Bean

Goliath Bean

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This incredible bush bean was bred in Washington State and bears pods up to 22cm (8½”) long. They stay tender with nearly the best flavour of any bean we’ve tried. The pods are medium green and become fully mature at 28cm (11”) long. The plants are tolerant to Brown Spot and resistant to BCMV. This is a fine choice for home gardeners and market growers alike. F26 was the original breeder's personal reference number for the variety, but this titan bean will come to be known as Goliath. This bush bean is determinate and sets its pods more or less all at once in a short harvest period.

Matures in 57 days. (Open-pollinated seeds)

    • Enormous long beans
    • Stays tender to 22cm (8 1/2")
    • Matures in 57 days
    • Open pollinated seeds
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