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Sugary Grape Tomato

Sugary Grape Tomato

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Plants from Sugary grape tomato seeds have prolific yields and set huge clusters of fruit all season long. Enjoy big beautiful bunches of shiny pink grape tomatoes that are delectably sweet in flavour. An All-American Selections (AAS) winner. The plants are resistant to, or tolerant of, the following tomato diseases: Fusarium Wilt (race 1) and Nematodes.

The tomatoes are oval in shape with pointed ends, typically weighing 16 grams (1/2oz). Averaging 9.5 on the Brix sweetness scale, fruits have excellent flavour, are medium firm and experience minimal cracking. Plants grown from Sugary Tomato seeds grow vigorously and may require mid-season pruning for containment within a given area.

Semi-determinate (compact bush) (Hybrid seedsMatures in 60-65 days

    • Sweet, delectable pink grape tomatoes
    • All-America Selections (AAS) winner
    • Semi-determinate
    • Hybrid seeds
    • Matures in 60-65 days
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