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Black Raven ZZ Plant 6"

Black Raven ZZ Plant 6"

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ZZ Plants are drought tolerant so don't worry i f you forget to water your plant. This plant is a natural air purifier. Water lightly to avoid leakage. Water may damage delicate surfaces.; wipe away excess moisture.  One of the most desirable plants around. This ultra-trendy new variety has lime-green new growth that matures to a stunning purple-black colour. 

  • Grows best in bright locations but tolerates any light level.
  • Water thoroughly; allow soil to dry out slightly before watering. Do not overwater
  • Fertilize biomonthly
  • Mature height: 90cm
  • Matrue spread: 55cm
  • Keep away from pets and overly curious children
  • 16° to 24° C

**Please note: Planters/pots not included**

** Plants are not available for shipping. Deliver or pickup only**


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